Is a non-surgical procedure that forces the regeneration of new skin while simultaneously stimulating production of healthy cells, collagen and elastin. Treatment for the entire face takes place with no discomfort, the procedure is described to feel like a light suction running over your face. Very minimal side effects result from this procedure. Some individuals may find their face is slightly pink for a day afterwards, but resumes back to normal in no time.

We are pleased to annouce the introduction of Microdermabrasion treatments

In a endeavor to slow the aging process, we are introducing the ImageDerm microdermabrasion system.

Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical, non-chemical, non-invasive method of skin resurfacing. This gentle skin blasting causes the dead skin layers to be removed along with the skin's impurities. The skin is exfoliated, resulting in firmer, more youthful-looking skin.

Over time, this repeated process stimulates the production of a new layer of skin cells, bringing with it an increased level of collagen and elastin, improving the skin's appearance.

Microdermabrasion buffs the skin of fine lines and discoloration while refining the texture and hue. Repeated treatments yield excellent results for scar revision (whether from acne, chicken pox, or even surgery scars) as well as deep discoloration, melanosis, and tattoo removal. After about the third or fourth treatment, there is a real visible change in the appearance of your skin.

The technique microdermabrasion is the most effective procedure for most skin problems as well the symptoms of aging skin. The microdermabrasion treatment removed damaged and unbalanced skin as well as activates new cell growth.

Microdermabrasion is ideal for:

- People who cannot afford to take time off for healing as you would with chemical or laser treatments.

- Active people who don't want to interfere with social or outdoor activities such as golf, tennis or skiing.

- Sensitive skin that reacts to make-up or chemicals.

- Oily, acne-prone skin that is not improved by acne remedies.

- Younger people with early skin changes who wish for beautiful skin.

You can have the beautiful skin you've always wanted in minutes...
with Microdermabrasion!

The process requires no healing time and can be done on your lunch break. Results are immediate with smooth, glowing skin and overall tone and texture improvements. The treatment feels like a mild stinging sensation. There is no down time. You can immediately feel your skin tightening.

How does this compare to other chemical peels?

Microdermabrasion is a safe and effective alternative to the use of chemical acids, the results are more predictable and can be accomplished in gradual stages with no down time or redness. In most cases you will see an immediate result with a quicker recovery.

What areas of the skin are mostly treated by Microdermabrasion?

- Face and Neck

- Elbows and Knees

- Hands and feet

- Shoulders

- Stretch marks on abdomen and hips

- Scars

What types of skin and color can be treated?

All types of skin and color can be treated.

Is treatment safe?

Yes. The entire treatment is performed in a sterile environment and there are almost no side effects and little trauma to the skin. All tools that contact the treatment area are sterilized. This process stimulates circulation beneath the surface of the skin, leaving the skin rejuvenated.

Unlike lasers, there is no generation of heat so the procedure can be administered on all different skin types.

What conditions can be treated with the ImageDerm Microdermabrasion Machine?

- Dull and aging skin

- Fine lines

- Acne scars and skin, enlarged or oily pores

- Comedones, blackheads, whiteheads

- Superficial lines and wrinkles

- Brown spots and pigmentation

- Superficial hyper pigmentation

- Blemished skin

- Sun damaged skin

- Stretch marks

- Skin texture and vitality

- General exfoliation / rejuvenation